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9 Modules

9 Modules




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Travel is the best teacher

12 June 2018, 2:00PM

The ravines that flow peacefully, the trees that echo the chirps of the birds and the mountains that garland the beautiful nature have all played a part in translating a vision that honours the beauty of Kashmir. A project to honour the timeless craftsmanship which the artisans of Kashmir have spent years perfecting. Manish Malhotra Label brings you, The Kashmir Project.

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The course has been specially designed and curated by top fashion industry experts

The course takes you through the intriguing world of fashion in a matter of months, not years

The course is completely online, so no money or time is wasted on travelling

The course allows you to study as per your schedule and convenience


Module 1: Womenswear

In this module, Manish Malhotra will introduce you to all aspects of womenswear, from developing a design and its intricate details, to research into fabrics, materials and embroidery.

Module 2: Menswear

In this module, Manish Malhotra will guide you through the study of silhouettes and details of menswear. You will also learn about fabric manipulations and how to drape a mannequin.

Module 3: Illustration

In this module, Manish Malhotra will help you understand the importance of visualization as the basis for developing your own creative expression. You will practice sketching from imagination and constructing figures through new techniques.

Module 4: Multichannel Retail

In this module, Manish Malhotra will help you identify target customer profiles and take you through product promotion and monitoring of sales. You will also learn the ins and outs of online merchandising and retail processes among other things.

Module 5: Costume Design

In this module, Manish Malhotra will show you how to bring to life 2D research ideas, transforming them into real-life costume designs. You will learn a variety of essential tools for this process, which will be introduced through practical and theoretical situations.

Module 6: Visual Merchandising

In this module, Manish Malhotra will take you through visual merchandising techniques, which are currently used in retail industries in London. It involves the creation of shop floor layouts, an excellent customer flow, creating a strong brand identity and strong messages within sale window displays.

Module 7: Styling

In this module, Manish Malhotra will talk about fashion styling, the main aspects of styling, skills that are required to be a fashion stylist, how to create your own personal style and how to take your fashion styling business ahead.

Module 8: Bridal Wear

In this module, Manish Malhotra will talk about his inspiration and experiences when it comes to making wedding clothes, and how to put together the entire look - from hair and makeup to accessories and footwear.

Module 9: Preparation For Fashion Week

In this module, Manish Malhotra will introduce you to fashion week, why it is important for designers, the key players at fashion week, what talent scouts at Fashion week are looking for, what the press is looking for, how to create an entire fashion collection and everything about how the show functions.